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PCS continues to support ETS sustaining membership scheme

PCS is pleased to announce its continued support of the ETS sustaining membership scheme for another year which PCS has supported ever since its introduction in the year 2014. On the ETS website, the purpose of the membership scheme is explained "to encourage, educate, and support our Young Scientist to become the "Teratologists of Tomorrow". The European Teratology Society (ETS) "was created in 1971 to bring together embryologists , reproductive toxicologists , paediatric pathologists , epidemiologists and clinicians to focus on the causes and prevention of birth defects. The core objectives of the society remain to stimulate interest in, and promote the exchange of ideas and information about, the causes and prevention of adverse effects on reproduction and development." PCS strongly believes in the need to make active contributions to the development of the field including voluntary engagement of our experts in a variety of activities to train fellow scientists. For further information, see

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