About PCS

Welcome at PreClinical Safety (PCS) Consultants Ltd. We provide independent expert advisory services, pharmacological and non-clinical safety evaluations to the pharmaceutical, agro-chemical, chemical and food industries, to academic institutions engaged in science and research, to business investors and CROs.

Expertise in drug development

Our expertise includes the areas of pharmacology, toxicology, toxicopathology, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, quality assurance, pharmaceutical development, clinical pharmacology, and regulatory services including the preparation of regulatory documentation such as IBs, INDs, Briefing Books and CTDs, covering a broad range of indications.

PCS has long-standing hands-on experience with the full range of test items used in drug development including small molecules, herbals or biotechnology-derived products but also with other materials such as food supplements, chemicals and impurities etc.

Key services

PCS strongly appreciates that effective decision making will help the client to save resources in a more and more demanding global environment and is highly committed to provide their services with the aim to optimally support the customer’s complex decision making process.

Sound strategic and objective scientific input and quality assurance, and their successful operational implementation through testing programmes to ultimately build up a comprehensive basis for a robust risk-benefit assessment are our key services.

Flexible team of experts

Our team of experts allows us to expand our operational capability as required. We fully appreciate the importance of being immediately responsive to our clients' needs and provide support to help them achieve their goals in a timely manner.

Further information

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